Poetry in Primary Schools

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I have previously run an after school workshop for primary school children, based on both poetry and drama. Tomorrow, (Jan 22nd 2013) I will run my first half day workshop in school time, the aim of which is to introduce children to the wonder of poetry by engaging them in writing and performing a poem of their own.  I have taken my lead in this from Michael Rosen who, if I remember correctly, I once heard say that poetry in schools, particularly for young children, should not be about the mechanics or the meter, but about the joy and the thrill of discovering the power and versatility of the language and having the freedom to get in to the subject on their own terms. Above all my workshop seeks to do this and my hope is that the children will come away from it with a real interest in poetry and a feeling that it is something valuable and something they want to be more involved with. We shall see…..


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