An unexpectedly great day out…

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To A New Beach in January

Down the muddy path we trod
Slipped on stones and
Tripped o’er sticks
Wellies covered in the clod
Expectation in the mix

Past the gushing rushing weirs
Crossed with care
The giant stiles
Coats zipped up right to the ears
Expectation in our smiles

Lifted over monster bogs
Salty sea shore
In our reach
Stride across the final logs
Expectation on the beach

Here we find a driftwood fire
Glowing embers
Warmly greet
Flames soon dancing ever higher
Expectation in the heat

Cross the smooth and rounded rocks
Arms aloft, shout
Out with glee
Stones are skimmed and disappear
Expectation out to sea

Climb the hill above the shore
Dodging daring
Darting sheep
Reach the broken Shepherd’s door
Expectation takes a leap

At last return the weary mile
Hand in hand
And side by side
The beach was fun in winter’s coat
Expectations satisfied.



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