The Lazy Princess
The Maidservant
The Prince


Let your imagination take flight…

Welcome to the Rainbow Poetry website. This site is chiefly for children in Primary School Education and those in their early teens. It is also for their parents and teachers.

The idea for this site was born from a long established love of writing poetry for my own children and from a more recently discovered joy in performing poetry. The site is designed to offer opportunities for children, their parents and their schools to explore the world of poetry and to get involved with reading it, writing it, illustrating it and also performing it.

On this page I’m showcasing a poem entitled The Lazy Princess, The Magical Dress and The Maidservant. The full illustrated story of The Lazy Princess has now been published and can be ordered from this site for delivery to your home. It will also shortly be available to download as an e-book. There’s more about this on the videos on this page, one from me and a second, from one of my biggest fans!

It’s important that at a young age learning about poetry is an interactive experience. That approach is reflected in my Workshops for Schools programme and also in the way this site encourages your contribution to its content on the Poems for Children page and in the Blog.

On a different theme and for parents or grandparents seeking inspiration for an original birthday gift, have a look at my ideas on the Birthday Books page. I’m offering to create an anthology of poetry all about your child and their life. It makes for an amazing present that I know from personal experience will be treasured forever.

I hope you all enjoy the poetry and I’m sure you’ll discover some unique and fascinating ideas on this site that  let a child’s imagination take flight…

Rainbow Poetry – A video introduction

Princess Verse – Testimonial

The Lazy Princess, The Magical Dress
And The Maidservant

Once, long ago, lived a Lazy Princess
Her clothes were awry, her hair was a mess
She didn’t do much, or else nothing at all
She wouldn’t get up for a fancy dress ball!
She sat in her room and pulled a bad face
Or else threw the bedclothes all over the place
Her moods swung so often, no one could tell
If maybe the Princess in fact was unwell
Then one day along on his steed came a Prince
Whose like was unparalleled before or since
He told the Royal Court: I will woo the Princess
And he brought her a wonderful spark-e-ly dress
This garment it shone and it held secret powers
It’s influence greater than chocolates or flowers
The Prince was quite sure, once she put it on
The Princess would find all her laziness gone
But sorry to say he had failed quite to reckon
That no one at Court could reliably beckon
The girl from her room, to come to his side
She stayed in her chamber determined to hide
She sent out a servant who curtsied quite fine
And advised that the dress would her mistress decline
But, said the servant, as I am here now
I will try on that robe, that is – if you’ll allow
The Prince and the King and the Queen were amazed
And all of the courtiers befuddled and dazed
For the magical dress, once adorning the maid
Shone brighter than stars in the heavens arrayed
And the Prince saw before him a lass of some style
With a confident air and a rather cute smile
Deciding the servant had much more impressed
He gave up all thoughts of the Lazy Princess
That slothful royal heiress remained in her quarter
And she did not see, though some say she ought-a
The Prince and his true love ride off on his horse
For the Lazy Princess was too lazy – Of course!

The Lazy Princess, the Magical dress and the Maidservant

Princess Verse – Sample illustration. Illustration by Ana Mendes at